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Mystic World

by Brombaer

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released May 1, 2013



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Brombaer Netherlands

My name is Peter Brombaer. I am a producer and composer and sometimes I make artwork. Feel free to contact me and thank you all so much for the support!

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Track Name: A Pure Purpose
Mystic World.
A story about a young Guardian.
Protector of the World.
The connection between Mother Earth and all living creatures.

A lot of people meet our young Guardian in their dreams.
Dreams that make the stars shine.

Very little is known about the young Guardian we follow.
We do know that she has just discovered that she is the one.
The one who must stand guard, an honourable and very rare gift. Although she is very happy with this discovery, our young Guardian is in pain and mourning.
This because she must leave behind all she has known.
Her home, her friends, her place in the world she knew.

Then a mystical event took place.
Track Name: Four Angels
The air around our young Guardian is beginning to glow... bright with light. Around her the four angels that stand at the four corners of the world appeared. They sang for her, purpose and resolve, and not to be afraid.

Go now and feel no fear for from this path you cannot stray.

Pure peace surrounded her as she went on her way.

And somehow she knew her dreams would be the dreams of all the world. Her cry would echo with every voice and every sound.
Track Name: Sky Temple Part I
leaThere it was: “Sky temple”.
The first place a new born Guardian gravitates to.

A great temple of white and green.
Built on an upturned flying mountain.

The crest and centre of the world, its point of balance.
The beginning and ending of all nature they say.
Here our young Guardian can heal, rest and find balance.
She will learn to control all elements of the earth.
It will bring her peace.

She will learn to protect herself and others.
She will learn to fully love herself, nature and anything that lives.

No one knows how to find this place. Instead it presents itself to those that ought to be there.
Track Name: Sky Temple Part II
Let your dreams light the stars.
Find nature, listen to her call.
Be one with the world, young Guardian.
Track Name: Sleeping Forest
The next place our young Guardian visits is an enormous sleeping forest, calm & silent. Towering trees, colourful flowers, flying waterfalls. Find rest, my young Guardian, the forest is in deep sleep: "Dreamstate meditation".

This forest is the first connection to sky temple and all nature.
To give life to all and everything. The most pure of earth’s elements.

The beating heart of immortal nature.

Find home, your imagination will reach full control.
Live your dreams, young Guardian.
Listen to the call...
Track Name: Call of the Forest
After a deep rest and now fully connected to nature,
our young Guardian hears some mystic sounds...
Like she's being called.

She follows the call and finds herself in a forest full of illusions, enchantments and mystical creatures. Walking trees, flying flowers, floating ditches, stardust and powdered colour everywhere.

The forest's spirit watches, mother of all beings, fruit of the trees. Luminous butterflies, healing herbs.

Thunderstorms are common around here.
They create the connection between the clouds and the forest.

A labyrinth of branch canals, bamboo flute, rabbit holes, singing angels in the distance...

Can you hear? Nature wants to bless us.

Everything is clear now. The true beauty of Mother Nature herself unveiled. She will surround you with her heart's caress, its numerous colours, her fragile yet powerful and always living existence.

A meeting will take place. A meeting of mutual respect. A coming together of Peace. An experience for life.

The forest is calling you.
Are you listening?
Track Name: The Mountains Part I
The Landscape changes... Mountains appear.... Our young Guardian is travelling the mountains.

Mountain folk are traders and a prosperous people. But they give more often than they barter, for others have not been so lucky. The people of the Mountains are good in finding resources. Things they need as well as commodities. They are an adventurous people, who travel the mountains and the sky, and the treacherous rivers above the clouds. They are as all people, peace loving people and value hospitality and friendliness.
Track Name: The Mountains Part II
They sail the wind and air, the mountains and fast flowing rivers of the landscape.

The Mountain Folk are jolly people loving bright and basic colours.

They can control dreams. When they walk in dreams, they control the dreams of others... though not without their consent. A beautiful way of communication.

Children living in the mountains can almost always sing beautifully!
Track Name: Mechanica
In these high mountains we find the largest and most technologically advanced city in Mystic World. It is also its most curious ecosystem.

The city is ready to unfold...

Boats, zeppelins and other strange vehiculars, structures are built here. Every one built to be an active part of the ecosystem, resulting in exhaust fumes which smell pleasantly, are nutritious, medicinal,
cause pleasant dreams and in some cases are perception altering.

Special plants and trees have been grown that power machinery and buildings, allowing them to be moved and come to life.
In short, modern technology is made to fit seamlessly into the ecosystem and even enrich it. A wonderful example of unity.

Vast palaces, steam blowing and breathing trees. Something that can only accurately be described as ...urban wildlife, fair trade.

People come from all over the world to see the breath-taking city in action as it were. Everything is a living, breathing sight to see.

It is time to travel on... the landscape changes once more. Mountains disappear as the land grows flatter and more wet....
Track Name: The Rain Fields
The Rain Fields...

It rains a lot here though there are dry periods.
Rain is a blessing as it is pleasantly warm and has strange healing qualities.

Our young Guardian loves the raindrops, mixed with stardust that hits the ground in an explosion of colour. Stardrops that, in some inexplicable way, seem to land on people more often than they logically should, then again, logic is somewhat frowned upon in these parts...

When the people live in harmony with nature it provides rain and when properly cared for nature brings rain in the form of healing star water. Water mixed with the same stardust that the great jungle trees capture. Priests and Nomads use it to travel through space and the various seasons.

The more colourful the rain, the better the state of the environment and the greater its medicinal qualities.

When the rains do stop, a colourful mist forms. An evening walk through these mists, makes for pleasant dreams and on rare occasions even a visit to one of the great temples.

The most important source of the world's balance is co-existence with nature.

Track Name: When the Stars Connect
Travelling through the rainfields, our young Guardian comes across a very pleasant event...

A play of light forms in the heavens when the stars connect.
Soft colours, mostly deep white.

This event happens when the moons and suns are… As explained in “The Passing of Time”.

It is also a sign of world peace and balance in the atmosphere. The event looks a little like fireworks, only much, much farther away, brighter, more intense and a lot more spectacular. When this event takes place, people celebrate. They build a great fire and dance until the break of dawn. The star connections make them happy and bring the people together. It makes them feel truly alive and truly one.
Track Name: Castely Mist
A thick fog surrounds our young Guardian while the stars connect. Swirling colours and stardust all around, choirs singing somewhere nearby.

Castely Mist...
A Castle hidden in Thick Fog.

The closer one gets to the castle the thicker the fog and the more vibrant its colour. A blessing for the soul, a promise of hope and dreams.

Sometimes the castle towers over the clouds, sometimes the halls are deep beneath the fertile soil. Great Terraces, ponds and waterfalls can be found in its gardens. Flowers the size of trees and trees the size of castle turrets.

Its origin is lost in the mists of... well, time "although the existence of time is of course disputable...".

Lantern flies lead the way inside in a beautiful play of light.

The castle seems to move, change shape, lead a life of its own.

They say that...
this castle can be found through dreams and visions.

The castle is its own caretaker and perhaps it was, before that, its own builder. All we know for sure is that although it is quite empty,
it gives light, and healing to those in need.

Young Guardian, fear is no more.

After resting and healing we move ever onwards...
Track Name: The Waters
Out from the mists of the castle, the land is changing again... Foggy clouds and the smell of water. A smell that cures many ailments, like having your lungs cleaned out.

The people here live on the water. The great rivers and mighty seas. In small boat-shaped huts, they bob along the waters.

Waters full of life.

Think you've got the picture? Think again. For most of the bodies of water can be found in the air, between and above the clouds, a magical sight, and bursting with life wherever you look.

The waters are vital for transporting food across the world.

The River Watch are the protectors of the waters and the rivers above the high mountain reaches.
Track Name: The River Watch
The River Watch are the Guardian's eyes surveying the many coloured waters. They watch and protect the sailors and the river animals. They risk their lives to keep the river flowing as it should.

The river goes around all of Mystic World and on some points it is so wide that you cannot see the opposite bank. Enormous and colourful fish, leaping whales, dolphin-like creatures, sea birds, ducks, it’s all in the river, and it's.... beautiful!

It is truly a mystic and mysterious river, and the waters are deeper than the deepest...

It is Mystic World's most important source of pure water and food.
The views are stunning and full of blue ocean colours.

A lot of people love to travel the river. When sailing this river your emotions become more real. It gives you warmth, harmony, love, motivation and perhaps most importantly, hope.
Hope for all the good Mystic World and this river provide.

The spirit of the river will give all that we need as long as we protect her. She is our shield.

As she travels on... vistas of a jungle appear around our young Guardian.
Track Name: The Jungle Part I
Living in humongous trees. Some touching the clouds.

Our young Guardian sees that people live happily in the light and spirit of the jungle. Always ready to help others. Living in harmony with the plants and animals.

They reap the magical fruits that the jungle offers and share them with peoples all across the Mystic Worlds.

Many of these foods possess healing powers. Our young Guardian packs some, you never know when they come in handy.

The highest trees in the jungle periodically catch the dust of stars as it blows over the clouds in a storm of colour. This too, like 'When the stars connect' is celebrated. During this event the trees light up and are blessed. The stardust is gathered and shared with the other peoples of the world.
Track Name: The Jungle Part II
Tree houses are built only in the "Oak hut". A species of oak that cannot survive for long without people living in it. And of course people need trees to survive as well. People take the strolling pines for walks through the forests. This is essential for the well-being of these trees.
If they don't get regular exercise their roots grow too deep and the trees eventually die. The same is true for several species of 'Dancing Flower'.

The jungle gets thinner and thinner as our young Guardian travels onward... Wind and dust enter the scene... as the land is changing...
Track Name: Desert of Wind
Nomads, survivors, monks, bringers of peace, healers. A nomadic people that roam the vast desolation of the windy deserts.

Little food or drink, but these people always persevere. If not on food and drink, then on sheer willpower alone.

All they find they share with the world.
The treasures they find are not theirs but treasures of the world at large. They take great pride in servitude to other peoples,
helping them thrive and achieve greatness. They are also revered as great healers.

They travel on huge magical camel and elephant-like creatures,
whose will like theirs is unbreakable.
Track Name: Desert Nomads
The land gets dustier and dustier... Our young Guardian follows a group of Nomads into the deepest deserts...

When a sandstorm forms, these nomads can use it in conjunction with vast amounts of stardust to travel through space and time. This is the only way to traverse the deserts as they are so large that they would normally take generations to cross.

These sandstorms allow them to travel to the great oases at the dawn of time. It is believed to be one of mother nature's first gift to the peoples of Mystic World. "Water that shades from the sun". Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Our young Guardian is allowed to see this spectacular place...

Now travelling forward in time... The first ice age, "Vale of the Frozen Flowers".
Track Name: Vale of the Frozen Flowers
Unbelievable... Our young Guardian lays eyes on "Vale of the Frozen Flowers". Almost everything here is made out of ice. Even plants and trees.

A small tribe of people live in this all but forgotten valley. It's a very dreamy and peaceful tribe and their resistance to frost is extraordinary. Probably because they watch a lot of the frozen flower miracles as they call them. As explained in "The Frozen Flower Miracle".

Huge white trees with big frozen green leaves.
Frost turtles, snow tigers and mammoth-like creatures have made this valley their home. It's a vale of deep and pure love but also a vale of dreams and lovely forms of illusions. When walking through this valley you can sometimes have the feeling of dreaming. Beautiful dreaming, inner peace and calm.

The sound of singing choirs is carried on the winds of time. The blessing of chirping frost birds finding nest. Lush fruit from the bushes and trees. The vale is frozen in time, the last resting or perhaps dreaming place for the very weariest of travellers.

The few people that live here are monks or "recluses''.
These people love everything about this place. You are always welcome to find shelter, food and love. They care. About people, about their world, they always have and always will.

Once upon a time there lived a small tribe of snow elves in this vale. But they disappeared, supposedly around the time that time froze over but frankly, no one knows a thing about them.

A vale of beautiful natural experience. Frozen waterfalls. The deeply frozen flowers, beautiful but also very fragile,
colourful and deeply white like light or snow. These flowers and everything else that lives here need the cold. They love the cold. It's their life's essence.

Our young Guardian decides to stay here for a while to study the place.

And so this is where the story ends for now...
It is a beautiful place to visit... some time...